52470 Umag, Babići, Kanal 205 a, Croatia, Europe+385 98 911 4069

Economic Activities and Services

Overhaul, maintenance and servicing

  • quarry and concrete batching plant machinery and equipment: crushers and related equipment and machinery, conveyer belts, screens (Gippo, Sandvik, Nordberg, BHS)
  • construction machines in road construction: trench excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, rollers, pavers (Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu, JCB, New Holland, Terex)
  • forestry machines: timberjacks, skidders, harvesters (Timberjack, Palfinger, Hiab, Fassi)
  • machinery and equipment in the pharmaceutical, military, food and dairy industries, breweries
  • maintenance and servicing of conveyor belts, compressor units, reducers, installation equipment
  • railway machinery: hydraulics repair, various types of welding, assembly


  • bolts, sliding bearings, sheaths, special demanding items for crushers.

Method of execution

In our work processes, we use diverse forms of single or multi-component workshop machine processing, depending on the requirements:

  • turning, milling, processing of items up to 3.5 tons on a lathe
  • thermal processing (cementing, tempering)
  • welding (rel, mig/mag, welding chrome steel, nodular cast iron, bronze items)
  • complete disassembly/assembly

Specific qualities

  • independent work of mobile teams in the field: all types of welding, machining of cranes, loader stirrups, all types of buckets
  • all types of mechanical work in the field
  • complete overhaul and maintenance of moving parts (trench excavator, loader, paver, vehicles and machines in railway traffic)
  • advantages of carrying out work on the spot – significant reduction in costs for clients resulting from a breakdown – savings related to the disassembly and transport of the machine and/or part to the workshop.
  • written 6-18 month guarantee of quality issued by Magmont for all works rendered!

✅ A specific quality of Magmont is that, in carrying out its work, it is authorized to use special environmentally friendly anti-corrosive coatings, eco-colors and eco-coatings of the highest global quality, approved by the latest standards and regulations of the European union

✅ Special care is given to the proper and environmentally friendly management of waste in the work process (filters, waste oil, mechanical waste)

Possibilities for improvement we offer

  • introduction of new technological solutions in production and overhaul processes
  • introduction of new technological solutions in plants with the objective of increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs
  • production of smaller computer-controlled conveyor systems